As a pioneer in the LED display industry, Aesys has been synonymous with excellence for over 30 years. Constant research in software, electronic, and mechanical design has led us to become a world leader in communication systems and display technologies. We relentlessly innovate to bring our clients the latest solutions with the flexibility that meets their needs.
Traffic conditions are constantly changing and emergencies spring up out of nowhere. Our LED displays can handle this change in a wide range of applications—from small lane control signs to large variable message signs to parking guidance systems—that make your roads safer and keep your traffic flowing.
Bus riders constantly need to know the status of their bus whether in a station, at a bus stop, or riding an unfamiliar bus route. Our bus systems provide your riders with complete information no matter what stage of their trip. Our products range from hardware to software, LED to LCD-TFT, from on-board to stationary, and from the bus stop to the last stop.
Real time schedule information for passengers is critical for any world-class rail network—whether intercity, regional, or metropolitan. Our wide range of transit systems will keep your passengers informed wherever they are. Our products range from hardware to software, LED to LCD-TFT displays, from on-board to stationary, and from the concourse to the platform.
Advertising full color information systems
Serving the sports, advertising, and entertainment industries, our full color LED displays are designed for high visual impact and are ideal for eye-catching communication in any environment. The modular structure makes the displays easily customizable for any size and flexible for both external and internal spaces.
Our LED display systems for government make it easy to keep your citizens informed. With our easy to use software and ultra-bright displays, citizens can be kept well informed of a wide range of information from policy changes to events to scheduled service changes.
Our LED displays are designed to withstand the harshest industrial conditions—from dust, humidity, and water to extreme temperatures. Easily communicate up-to-the second productivity, safety, machine status, and other critical information. We offer LED display solutions for manufacturing, safety, and trucking.