Information systems for railways

On-board and on-ground information displays for rail transport

To show information to passengers about arrivals, departures, delays at any point of the station, realizing a total information coverage, the complete series of monitors Aesys LCD-High-resolution TFT and high-readability LED display will solve the communication needs in railway contexts in a clear and timely way, raising the level of service offered to users.

On board systems

On-board LED display

The Aesys line and destination indicators have an unmatched visual impact. The automatic brightness …
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TFT infotainment system

The latest generation of public transport vehicles, increasingly technological and innovative, need …
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On ground systems

Arrival-Departure LED display

Getting the right information at the right time and place is not an option, but a real need of the p…
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Platform display

Pollution, temperature changes, rain, snow, sand, dust, vandalism. These are just some of the proble…
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Waiting area display

All our LED and LCD-TFT monitors provide high performance and are managed through service cards buil…
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