Information systems for buses

On-board and on-ground information displays for public transport

After anticipating the needs of the public transport market, creating the first LED displays to indicate bus line and destination, Aesys continues to innovate by expanding its technological solutions, providing a flexible solution to the dynamics of urban mobility by offering a complete set of information systems to passengers on board/ground of the latest generation.

On board systems

Bus LED destination sign

The line and destination indicators Aesys VerbaBUS®, the result of over 40 years of experience, …
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On-board audiovisual system

The next stop audiovisual system provides passengers on board buses with correct and complete inform…
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Multimedia passenger information system

The on-board multimedia system is the solution entirely designed and built by Aesys to provide users…
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Video surveillance system, CCTV and passenger counting

Aesys VideoSIGHT is a high quality and reliable solution for on board bus video surveillance, design…
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On ground systems

On-ground systems

Information poles are electronic devices with high visibility LED displays, located near bus stops t…
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Bus station display system

Aesys is able to carry out a complete summary system of information regarding arrivals and departure…
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