24/7 information systems for airports

Airport information in real time

Aesys' wide range of display solutions is the right choice for every airport environment. From outdoor LED applications to indoor TFT-LCD technology, runway to baggage claim area, flight information display systems (FIDS) assist passengers during their journey and inform them wherever they are.

All Aesys display systems are designed and manufactured internally, at the Italian headquarters. This is the only way to ensure the quality of Italian design and solutions from long-term operation and support. Fully control the projects allows Aesys to customize a product entirely: from mechanics to electronics, from performance to maintenance.

Atrium or waiting room display

All Aesys LED and LCD-TFT monitors provide high performances and are managed through service boards …
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With a very narrow frame, a wide viewing angle and a high-brightness display, the Rigel Aesys videow…
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Orion Series LCD totems are the ideal solution to spread advertising messages and information to the…
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Parking LED signs

The system of addressing to parking is made through a hardware of the latest generation and has the …
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Display for reserved areas

Airport displays for restricted areas are designed not only to provide real-time flight status infor…
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TFT infotainment displays

A TFT display system has the flexibility to be installed anywhere at the airport as it can match pas…
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Baggage information display

The monitors in the baggage claim area display the status of flights and the indication of the corre…
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Semi outdoor FIDS

The Semi-Outdoor FIDS are high reliable systems with excellent viewing angles to read flight informa…
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Full outdoor FIDS

A complete set of LCD monitors and full outdoor LED panels to display flight information outside and…
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Indoor FIDS

Indoor FIDS displays usually show the origin/destination of flights, the arrival/departure times, th…
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Follow-me sign system

The Follow Me Sign is a mobile LED display used as a visual guide for aircraft at airports. Preprogr…
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