Haramain - Saudi Arabia

A high-speed line for two million pilgrims

The Haramain high-speed rail project, also known as “Makkah–Medina high-speed railway”, is a high-speed inter-city rail transport connecting Mecca to Jeddah and Medina, with a total length of 453 km.

The project represents a major improve for what concerns the pilgrims’ transportation during the Hajj period, when takes place the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca that involves around two millions of pilgrims.
During summer, the temperatures in the Saudi desert normally get above 40°C; Aesys products are designed for an optimal legibility and performances even in severe weather conditions as extreme temperatures or abrasive
effects of desert sand.
Aesys has delivered to Talgo around 900 LED destination signs which ensure an excellent visibility: pilgrims will be able to recognize easier the number of the carriages thanks to the LED signs externally installed along the trains.

  • Client:Talgo
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