Doha Metro - Qatar

Over 4000 Aesys TFT displays on the three Doha lines

Doha is a growing city and the Doha Metro will revolution public transport, being an excellent and sustainable solution, connecting Doha to its suburbs.

 Doha Metro opened in 2019 the Red, Gold, and Green lines, with 37 stations and 75 kilometers of revenue lines, with positive impact on the travelling duration and traffic congestion.
Aesys has also taken part to this avant-garde project by providing reliable and modern solutions: LED destination signs, almost 3000 TFT 24” on-board displays (used for destination information and advertising), around 1000 TFT 46” single and
double sided displays for stations, both indoor and outdoor, as well as outdoor LCD displays which can give the best performances even in case of high temperatures, strong wind or sandstorms.

  • Client:Qatar
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