Smart cities

Information systems for smart cities

City information in real time

In all places with high attendance such as the city center, squares, libraries, schools, museums, parishes, sports facilities, or other, public bodies can be present through our LED displays, communicating to citizens in real time.

Thanks to the series of Informacittà electronic scoreboards it is possible to create a direct line with people, involving them in a daily information cycle on all the news of public interest, such as: initiatives and events, activities of the council, office opening hours, separate collection of waste, tourist warnings in various languages, data on air quality, traffic closure, parking spaces available, etc.

Thanks to the use of the latest generation LED displays, the information is clearly displayed and can be read even from a distance, in any weather conditions. The brightness of the LED displays, in fact, automatically adapts to the environmental conditions, allowing a perfect reading both day and night and capturing the attention of citizens.

Full Color panels can be managed in the cloud via PC or mobile devices, thanks to the Aesys MyInfoCity web platform. This platform allows the display owner to extend its management to other users (eg Civil Protection), distribute the contents on the citizens' smartphone and integrate other devices in the same system (eg cameras, ZTL displays, parking lots, multimedia totems).

MyInfoCity: The virtual square where to inform and communicate

MyInfoCity is a digital platform that facilitates the meeting between public bodies and citizens

The greater availability of connections in common living spaces has led Aesys to renew the use and concept of displays as elements of a larger information system. The heart of this system is the MyInfoCity portal, which allows access to a variety of geolocated devices that can be managed from a single online platform, even via smartphone, tablet or PC.

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