Experience and constant excellence

World leader with over 40 years of passion in communication systems and display technologies.

All the fundamental phases of design and production are carried out internally in Bergamo headquarters; further sales offices are located in Brazil, Germany, India, Spain and in the United States. From 1977 on, the company continued growing; at today, it counts over 400 employees dedicated to product excellence.

Production 100% Made in Italy

In Aesys, quality is above all. Work is based on efficient internal procedures to deliver flawless results to customers.

Integrated management system

Policies for continuous improvement of company and environment

Aesys Integrated Quality-Environment-Safety Management System is inspired by the latest ISO standards concerning company management systems and developed in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 and UNI ISO 45001: 2018. It represents the main management tool to reach goals related to quality (customer satisfaction), environment (reduction of environmental impact), health and safety in workplace (safety first!).

01 - Quality policy

Continuous product innovation and process improvement

In Aesys Quality represents an ethical value to pursue every day. 
Aesys corporate strategy focuses on constant satisfaction of all Stakeholder needs; to reach it, the company promotes the continuous improvements of processes and products, with special attention to the service offered. 

02 - Health and safety policy in the workplace

Health and safety at first place

In Aesys, Security is an ethical value defining daily work. Staff safety and protection are primary importance aspects for Aesys and this concerns third parties that may be involved in all activities, as this is "Aesys way to be”.

03 - Environmental policy

Strong environmental protection policy

Aesys is committed to care and respect of the environment and for this reason it works on improving its environmental performance, consiering it as a key to success. 

The company is environment oriented, respecting a protective environmental policy, where technically and economically feasible, to reduce any negative impact generated by its activities and products.

Organization, management and control models

For a proper and transparent company management, Aesys has its own and exclusive Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001

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Mission and vision at a glance

Aesys will always be a solid, qualified, healthy and sustainable reference point for shareholders and its products help customers and partners in grwoing their business. The support with technical and commercial experience were the base of a global expansion. 

The aim is to set the standards of excellence in products and customer service; travellers and citizens across the World, as end users, enjoy, appreciate and recognize Aesys products. Our direct customers rely on this feature and expect us to constantly improve the serice quality. 

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Certified products

For those who consider excellence their goal, like Aesys, it is fundamental to focus on quality at every stage of the productive process. 

Behind the flexibility of our products and our technological solutions there is a 360 degree quality.

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Discover our laboratory

We are constantly looking for improvement

Equipped with cutting-edge and state-of-the-art instruments, including a large semi-anechoic chamber, the Measurement Laboratory reflects the constant search for improvement. Aesys carries out a wide series of tests right from the early stages of prototyping, involving designers in validating results, to follow innovative solutions or proceed towards new paths. The tests continue on samples taken from the production lines, in close contact with the Quality Control.