School-work experience in Aesys

School-work alternation in Aesys


The work exchange in Aesys has a twofold objective: to get in touch with young people of various educational institutions to assess their human and technical qualities and give the opportunity to students to get in touch with the world of work to guide the choices at the end of the School. Every year about 40 students are hosted from electronics, electrical engineering, electrical, maintenance and technical assistance, logistics and IT, with the possibility of experimenting with the production department, warehouses or research and development offices, administration and finance, systems company information, scientific and linguistic high schools.

For each school address, activities have been identified to be assigned to students; ad hoc paths are also implemented.

  • An example of alternation

Eight students from the fourth grades of mechanics, computer science and electronics have had the opportunity to experiment in the design and construction of a variable message panel which was then installed in the school square. To complete the project, mostlycarried out by Aesys, some technical representatives held a lecture in the classroom on the panel's functions. "The boys reacted with interest and positivity" concluded the head teacher Imerio Chiappa interviewed by Bergamo News (Ref. Article 04/03/2017 - -city-in-out-in-the-schools-Aesys paleocapa / 247689 /)

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