Mission and vision

Flexible solutions

Always to provide updated information.

Traffic congestion. Time changes. Production variations. Changes occur every moment. And now, more than ever, having updated information is crucial, whether for drivers on highways, passengers waiting for a train or workers in a factory.
Aesys understands your need for reliable solutions to communicate with people anywhere. That's why Aesys has a wide range of displays and solutions to provide flexibility to be where your users are. From highways to railways, from LED technology to LCD-TFT, from hardware to software and from a single display to system integration, Aesys can comply with any communication need.

Mission & Vision

The way Aesys wants to grow in the future


Present is characterized by a fast-paced society full of tech innovations; therefore, having up to date tools, able to provide the required information is a benefit for those accessing it. 
This aspect is definitely an improvement of people's quality of life, as being informed in real time is crucial. 
Aesys aspires to continue developing and distributing the best means to provide real time information to those who are stuck in traffic, either drivers or passengers, both in public and private transport. 
Aesys solutions always provide information able to increase safety and to improve communication towards citizens and travellers; at the same time, displays can reduce traffic and lead time, thus supporting air pollution reduction. 
Thanks to years of experience, acquired worldwide, Aesys wants to grow in other markets and take its products to new countries, meeting shared visions and interests with people across the World with its high quality and durable products, Aesys hallmarks. 


In constant search of lasting solutions, Aesys SpA is committed in supplying high quality products, produced in its own plants with Made in Italy standards.  
The strong values in which Aesys believes have always guided the company growth and supported in perceiving the market changes, developing new products with special focus on the latest tech innovations. 

Furthermore, Aesys gives added value to all its products, offering customized solutions able to comply with any customer request. Therefore, it is easy to say that for Aesys product customization is a unique selling point the market. 

Throughout the production process, Aesys carefully respects all rules and regulations and this can be proved by the various certifications obtained over time, concerning workplace safety, environmental care and more. 

Integrated production control

Customers trust Aesys to provide reliable displays

To be more reliable, Aesys works as a team, from software to electronic and mechanical engineering and mechanical and electronic production to assembly. By doing so, Aesys grants the best solutions. 

Technical researchers especially focus on lower energy consumption, environmental resistance and system integration.

For over thirty years Aesys has been paying extra attention to details and quality and, at the same time, evolving with new technologies.