Mission and vision

Flexible solutions

To always provide updated information.

Traffic congestion. Times changes. Production changes. Changes occur every moment. And now, more than ever, having up-to-date information is crucial, whether for drivers on the highway, passengers waiting for a train or workers in a factory.

We at Aesys understand your need for reliable solutions to communicate with many people in different places. That's why we have a wide range of displays and solutions to give you the flexibility to be where your users are. From highways to railways, from LED technology to LCD-TFT, from hardware to software and from a single display to system integration, we are ready to meet your communication needs.

Mission & Vision

The way we see our company and how we want it to grow in the future


The present is characterized by a fast-paced society and very dynamic technology: having cutting-edge tools that provide requested and up-to-date information is certainly a benefit for all those who have access to it. This aspect can certainly be seen as an improvement in the lifestyle of many people for whom being informed is essential.

The aspiration of Aesys is to continue to develop and distribute the ideal means to provide fast and up-to-date information to all those involved in traffic, be they drivers or passengers, in the multiple dimensions of public or private transport.

The various Aesys solutions aim to offer the information needed to increase safety, improve information for citizens and travelers, reduce traffic, travel time and, consequently, contribute to lightening pollution levels.

With many years of experience worldwide, Aesys aims to expand into more markets and bring its products to more countries, involving customers with shared visions and interests. In accomplishing these goals, Aesys is committed to offering high quality, durable products with unique features that can best represent the brand.


Always in search of quality and long-term solutions, Aesys SpA has continuously committed itself to supplying high quality products, rigorously created within its own factories, relying on the peculiarities and characteristics of Made in Italy.

The growth path of the company has had (and continues to have) its strong values ​​as input and during its journey it has always known how to perceive changes in the market, developing and creating its products with continuous attention to the latest technologic innovations.

Furthermore, a fundamental approach of Aesys is to give its products an added value: Aesys follows the needs of its customers and manages to personalize its products, thus offering customized solutions that can fully satisfy the needs and requests. Consequently, it can be said that the personalization of the products is for Aesys a feature that helps the company to stand out on the market.

During all the production processes, Aesys is careful to respect the rules and regulations in force: to testify its commitment there are the various certifications obtained over time, ranging from workplace safety to respect for the environment.

Integrated production control

Customers depend on us to provide reliable displays

This need for reliability leads us to work together as a team - from software to electronic and mechanical design, from electronic and mechanical production to assembly - to always guarantee the best solution. The research of our technical engineers focuses on areas such as lower energy consumption, environmental resistance and system integration.

Although technologies are constantly evolving, the attention we devote to details and quality has always been the same for over thirty years.