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We offer various cloud services to allow you to manage the contents to be displayed on your LED panels with ease and autonomy.

Smart cities Management system


MyInfoCity is an App that facilitates the meeting and exchange of information between Public Administrations, Public authorities and citizens. Thanks to MyInfoCity, Public authorities can manage their InfoCity displays, or other devices installed in the area (eg display for parking guidance system, video cameras and display for restricted traffic areas) to communicate information to citizens, who can consult them anywhere, at any time, on the web and on mobile devices.

PMV cloud management "MyInfoCity" Find out more
Device Management System


Aesys Screens is the Cloud solution for managing TFT and intelligent LED displays. Aesys Screens allows you to monitor your device fleet from a single centralized console where everything is just a click away, from device configuration to diagnostics.

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Content Management System


Aesys CREO is the Cloud solution for managing multimedia content on their devices. With Aesys CREO it is possible to upload content, create playback sequences, schedule them in a schedule and send them to the devices in just a few simple steps.

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