Information systems for industries

Real-time industrial information

The series of LED displays VERBALUX® intended for the industrial sector consists of high quality information devices, reliability and longevity can be installed in any context: indoor spaces characterized by difficult environmental conditions and humidity, heat, dust or outdoor spaces such as forecourts and deposits exposed to atmospheric agents.

The versatility of Aesys displays allows them to be used in many situations to provide technical information, relating to quality and production, or public utility, regarding safety at work and renewable energy. In some cases, the information displayed is needed to optimise processes related to logistics and the movement of vehicles in warehouses.

In all these situations, Aesys displays guarantee high performance, high visibility and ease of use. The use of high efficiency Leds allows you to view data with excellent readability even at a distance.

Trucks queuing display

The large message depicting the use of vehicles in large fuel depots or industrial yards. The truck …
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PMV for industrial and critical contexts

Aesys produces and markets variable message panels for user information, with particular relevance t…
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PQ and LN PMV series

La serie di display VERBALUX® PQ consente di controllare l'andamento della produzione nelle …
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Fuel price signs

The electronic price lists are LED displays used at filling stations to allow easier management and …
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Electronic flag panel

Formula 1 drivers can rely on the new Aesys LED display to receive official race information includi…
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