Software Development
As networks and systems around the globe have been converging, the display industry has not been left out. Our software team has been at the center of this disruption preparing our displays and communication systems to communicate with more systems in more protocols. Preparing for integration starts early in the planning phase, understanding the full range of systems that need to work together. Our software team has developed several interfaces that can communicate with standard protocols like NTCIP, DisplayML, Modbus, and TLS—building flexibility into every system we develop. They also partner with our electronic and telecommunications engineers to ensure that each system is prepared for the right communications method whether it’s Ethernet, WLAN, or GPRS, just to name a few. And with all this flexibility built into each system, it becomes easier to adapt our communication and display systems to different countries with varying protocols..

Looking to the future, our software team is relying on the company’s vast cross-industry experience to develop new proprietary protocols that continue improving the modularity and extendibility of each of our systems..