Speed limit sign

The speed limit sign helps improve safety and reduce accidents on roads where high speeds are a serious danger by encouraging motorists to drive within the speed limit. Using a speed sensor, the display measures a car’s speed and displays an appropriate message relative to that speed. Potential messages include showing the speed with an approval or disapproval indicator, alerting the driver to speeding penalties, or even simply reminding the driver to “slow down”.


Speeds aren’t shown over a certain level so as not to encourage racing. Before the speed message is detected, a flashing light attracts drivers attention to the sign. The speed limit sign is generally used for educational and not punitive purposes. However, the display can be integrated with police radar systems. Two types of displays are available:


  • DSR2
    Display with 230V power supply. Matrix 72x32 pixel monochrome graphics
  • DSR3 FTV panel
    Display powered FTV. Matrix 32x24 pixel monochrome graphics
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