Solar Powered Variable Message Signs

Reducing energy consumption is not only an economic factor, but a duty for our future

Aesys has developed an innovative technology for LED piloting called ULP (Ultra Low Power - patent pending), which maximizes efficiency and minimizes energy consumption of the VMS.


Aesys uses the best existing technology for low consumption application: high efficiency LEDs with ULP piloting, power supplies with low dispersion, optimized electronic control, heat dissipation without external air exchange, and high thermal dissipation paint. Thanks to the possibility to use a battery and photovoltaic panel, the main strength of an ULP VMS is its energy autonomy.


 Saving operating and maintenance costs

ECO-LIGHT VMS have an efficiency of over 80% and a strong reduction of dissipation. With this energy reduction, the VMS can be powered at maximum brightness with a deep cycle battery and recharged with a photovoltaic panel. The recharging of the battery through solar panels reduces operating costs by 70% through the reduction of energy consumption and preventative maintenance (calculated with average values).

 Installation time and costs reduction

The energy autonomy eliminates the need to excavate for power lines. This strongly reduces the installation costs and time. In particular, it is estimated that the installation of a VMS with ULP technology becomes cheaper than a standard VMS if excavations longer than 170 meters are required (calculation with average data).

 Installation without electric cable constraints

VMS equipped with ULP technology are energy autonomous and can be installed in areas where electricity is not available.

 Optimal Brightness

ECO-LIGHT VMS are compliant with ENI CEI EN 12966, including brightness which meets the maximum levels set by the normative.

 Virtually Maintenance Free

The fanless cooling system enables the ECO-LIGHT VMS to operate without the regular cleaning of filters. The high quality components ensure a high a level of reliability.

 Black-out Operation Guaranteed

Substituting a standard 230V VMS electrical feed with one equipped with ULP technology, a battery, and a photovoltaic panel guarantees the operating of the VMS in case of an electrical black-out.

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