Railway Systems
Real time schedule information for passengers is critical for any world-class rail network—whether intercity, regional, or metropolitan. Our wide range of transit systems will keep your passengers informed wherever they are. Our products range from hardware to software, LED to LCD-TFT, from on-board to stationary, and from the concourse to the platform.

On-Board Passenger Information Systems

LED Destination Sign A complete set of LED displays for the front, side or rear of trains, trams and metros, to provide passenger information in both color or monochromatic on multiple lines. (more)   Interior LED Display This system can be installed inside trains, metros, and trams to indicate next stop information in both a color or monochromatic visual format with an audio announcement. (more)
TFT Infotainment System Flexible range of LCD-TFT high resolution displays that provide real-time information on location, public service announcements, advertising, and related information. (more)

Stationary Passenger Information Systems

Arrival Departure LED Display Large LED display, high visibility to view summary passenger information in real-time arrivals and departures. (more)   Platform Display LED or LCD-TFT wall mountable or freestanding display to show real-time passenger information on arrivals, departures, timetables, and service communications. (more)
Concourse Display Wide and flexible range of solutions for LED or LCD-TFT displays to communicate real-time information on arrivals, departures, and service messages. (more)