InfoCity sign

The InfoCity municipal display system is designed to deliver a wide range of information through text, graphics, color, and animations on a variety of screen sizes. Ultra-bright, low power consumption LED technology is used for clear readability in straight lines of text or a full matrix display. The display is able to withstand many environmental conditions including weather and vandalism. The easy-to-clean transparent polycarbonate screen protects the display from shock, scratching, graffiti, and adhesives.


Each message can be customized using the included software. Each screen can be looped in pre-defined intervals for a continuous flow of information. The displays can be connected to the controlling PC or networked together through a fixed-line cable or through a wireless system. The entire network of displays can be easily controlled by one PC.

Cloud management MyInfoCity App

Full Color displays can be cloud managed via PC or mobile devices, thanks to the Aesys MyInfoCity web platform. This platform allows the owner of the display to extend the management to other users (e.g. Civil Protection), distribute the contents on the smartphone of citizens and integrate other devices in the same system (e.g. cameras, limited traffic zones displays, parking lots, multimedia totems).


The InfoCity is available in two versions:


The display shows alphanumeric messages in bright amber LEDs on multiple lines with 24 characters each.


The display shows both graphics and text on a full matrix screen. There are endless layout options for effectively communicating your messages.

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