Electronic Flag Panels 

Formula 1 drivers can rely on the new Aesys LED display to receive official race information including circuit status and lap times. The sign, built with high performance Aesys LED technology, are integrated with the electronic flag system and F1 Marshalling System, both developed by EM Motorsport.


The electronic flags are installed along the circuit in conjunction with the traditional flag system to provide information to the drivers, especially in areas where it’s not possible to safely place a marshal.The new LED sign not only display the traditional color racing flags, but also warnings for slippery track, presence of the safety car, and cars exiting the pit lane. In addition, the race director can show penalties such as expulsion and the drive-through. Through the LED displays’ high brightness, drivers are able to see the electronic flags from far away, at high speed, and in all weather conditions, while the wide viewing angle even allows for visibility on turns.

Aesys electronic flag displays are currently used in every F1 race worldwide.
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