Outdoor Monochrome LED Displays - Antares Series
The Outdoor Monochrome LED display Antares Series make it easy to keep your citizens informed no matter where they are—city centers, squares, schools, libraries, churches, and museums, to name a few. With our easy to use software and ultra-bright displays, citizens can be kept well informed of a wide range of information from policy changes to events to scheduled service changes.

Innovative technology and high performances
The Antares Series displays are easy to see from a distance, in bad weather, and with automatic brightness adjustment, both day and night. Ultra-bright, low power consumption LED technology is used for clear readability in straight lines of text or a full matrix display.

Easy, flexible use
Aesys Outdoor LED display is able to withstand many environmental conditions including weather and vandalism. The easy-to-clean transparent polycarbonate screen protects the display from shock, scratching, graffiti, and adhesives.

My InfoCity System Architecture 
Any display installed throughout the territory can be managed both with pc or mobile devices through our web-based platform My InfoCity, that allows the owners of Aesys signs to reduce the cost of their IT infrastructure and also to share their management with other users (e.g. civil defense, tourism offices) to enrich the supply of daily news to citizens.  For more info, visit My InfoCity website.

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