Outdoor LCD Totems - Avior Series

Aesys Full Outdoor LCD Totems Avior Series add value and style to any installation, and grab their target's attention even before they deliver their promotional content. 

Easy, visibile and flexible
LCD totems are the ideal solution to deliver advertising messages and information to people with an immediate impact, perfect visibility even direct sun, on site serviceability and flexibility to easy integration of any interactivity device (multi touch screen, web cam player or pc...).

Brand Customization
Designed  to be easily customized both aesthetically and mechanically, Aesys LCD totems Avior Series are ideally suited to identify your brand or organization through colours and image customization, till even more extreme one to strenghten your brand image.

Installation in any environment
High brightness LCD display totem designed to respond to any extreme outdoor conditions: able to properly work in every environment protected from hot, cold, dust and water. The correct functioning is granted, despite the non use of any air conditioning or very noisy system. Through fanless and filterless cooling technology, preventative maintenance is greatly reduced.


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