Outdoor Full Color LED Displays - Altair Series

Suitable for use in city centre, promotional contexts, sports and entertainment, Aesys Full color Display Altair Series have been designed to grab citizens’ attention with vivid images from high brightness and text messages, easy to see from distance, in any light conditions, waterproof and vandalproof if needed. 

Modular Flexibility
The possibility to combine many single LED modules in order to form one large Outdoor Signs allows to customize display dimensions and to easy install it in a lot of contexts. 

My InfoCity System Architecture 
Full color LED displays installed throughout the territory can be managed both with pc or mobile devices through our web-based platform My InfoCity, that allows the owners of Aesys signs to reduce the cost of their IT infrastructure and also to share their management with other users (e.g. civil defense, tourism offices) to enrich the supply of daily news to citizens.  For more info, visit My InfoCity website.

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