Indoor LCD Displays - Sirio range
LCD displays are the ideal solution to deliver advertising messages or information to people - easy to operate, with an immediate impact and highly flexible in use. 

Easy to Fashion 
The aesthetic of LCD display Sirio range grants to be the right product in whatever indoor environment, trying to be as much as possible part of the furniture. The design of our Indoor monitor have been thought to be easily perfomed with different brightness front protective glass, different color full glass and mirror look, customized color and finishing chassis, all to be the unique product for any specific environment to really fashion your customer needs.   

No Headache
Sirio range have been designed to be very easy to install and to be on-site maintained without the need of any technical skilled team. We know that LCD display in your shops must just be a tool to increase sales, not a reason to loose time doing anything else but selling.

Typical Applications
In shop malls environments, our LCD displays grab people's attention with images and emotional video, engage them and encourage to enter the store, supporting the Brand awareness. In indoor building environments, our LCD displays deliver customized content maximizing the benefits of digital signage, by programming information continuously. 

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