On-board Video Surveillance System

Aesys VideoSIGHT is an on-board video surveillance system for on-board buses that increases the safety of both passengers and drivers through the use of CCTV cameras as a crime deterrent and an aid in police investigations.


The cameras continuously record with the option of day/night and IR recording. Each camera is housed in vandal-proof aluminum and built to withstand the vibrations and temperature changes of the bus environment.


The video surveillance system does not require routine maintenance and the EN50155 certification also allows for use in rail. VideoSIGHT is provided in collaboration with DResearch.


Some optional features are:


Passenger Counting. The passenger counting system calculates the number of people on the bus with 98% accuracy using sensors placed at each door.


Black Box. An on-board black box records all accelerations and decelerations when produced in abnormal situations like a collision. Insurance discounts may be available for the use of a black box.


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