Multimedia Passenger Information System

The on-board multimedia Passenger Information System displays multimedia content including text, images, animations, video, and audio on a high resolution LCD-TFT monitor. Content possibilities range from next stop announcements to service advisories to video advertisements. The Infotainment System keeps everyone on board informed about the next stop and the bus’s position along the route, including the visually and hearing handicapped. The Infotainment System greatly enhances the transit agency’s service perception.


The LCD-TFT monitor can be configured for single-sided double-sided, or side-by-side viewing. The multimedia Passenger Information System can be managed independent of the driver and connected to a central controller through Wi-Fi, GPRS, and similar wireless formats. The central controller is able to manage the content for each individual bus, line, or the entire system using the included Aesys Multimedia Manager.


Following types are available:

The LCD-TFT monitor - Zenith series - can be configured for single-sided (18,5") or dual display (15") viewing.

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