Infotainment LCD & LED Display

A TFT display system has the flexibility to be installed throughout the airport because it can mix departure/arrival information with advertisements, live news, public announcements or tourist information: same aesthetic with different pc or electronic is the perfect key to grant uniformity of style in the terminal.

The choice for a digital support ensures a real-time and customized information according to the location at the airport and by using separated or combined monitors. Moreover, an infotainment system can be integrated with other devices for a real and catching interaction with travelers. Lastly, the target advertising can raise the return on investments by renting spaces to advertising agencies

Typically used in vip lounges, at gates and in departure and arrival halls, our Infotainment displays entertain passengers wherever they are.

Through various screen formats the Display System gives an extremely high visual impact on any airport terminal, improving the airport brand identity and attracting people. Such information assist passengers before air travel so they can fell relaxed and more inclined to enjoy shopping experience or take a coffee. 

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