Indoor Flight Information Display System

Typically used above check-in desks, in departure lounges, at gates and within departure and arrival halls, our indoor displays keep passengers informed wherever they are.

FIDS usually show flight origin/destination, arrival/departure time, gate number, and additional lines for service messages. Such  information assist passengers during air travel so they can fell relaxed and more inclined to enjoy shopping experience or read a book. Additionally, FIDS could also alternate flight info with advertising messages (see infotainment displays page) and  and even though  displays can be mounted with different pcs or electronics, the uniformity in style throughout the terminal is guaranteed by using the same aesthetic.

Indoor FIDS are available in both LCD and LED technology.  All Displays are available in various configuration (single-side, double side and side-by-side) and orientation (portrait or landscape).

Our displays ensure maximum reliability and minimal maintenance. Repairs can be easily performed since each component is removable on-site, avoiding extra costs to delimit a safe area for maintenance purposes

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