Full Outdoor Flight Information Display System

A complete series of full outdoor LED boards and LCD displays to show arrival and departure flight information outside or around the airport terminal, through IP65 compliant technology.

Specially designed for outdoor applications, Aesys Full Outdoor FIDS are designed to withstand typical airport environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, humidity and dust. Through IP65-compliant fanless and filterless cooling technology, preventative maintenance of LED boards is greatly reduced.

Full Outdoor application require an excellent long distance visibility. Aesys FIDS  are built with long life technology that is easily visible in all types of weather and through the use of a solar sensor, the brightness can be adjusted for both clear day and night viewing. Aesys  full outdoor solutions works in direct sunlight.

Aesys displays ensure maximum reliability and minimal maintenance. Repairs can be easily performed since each component is removable on-site, avoiding extra costs to delimit a safe area for maintenance purposes. Aesys display have been developed with vandal proof solutions, as front safety glass, anti-graffiti coatings and special mechanics for outdoor environments.

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