Outdoor Full Color Display - Altair Series

Suitable for urban, promotional, sporting and entertainment contexts, Full Color displays are the ideal tools to capture the attention of pedestrians while displaying high definition images and brightness even in combination with text messages.

Modularity and Flexibility

The modular structure of the Altair series allows the customization of the display size and easily insert it in numerous contexts, also thanks to the possibility to orient it in horizontal (Landscape) or vertical (Portrait) configuration.

Innovative technology and simplified maintenance

The full color displays are made with SMT LEDs, which ensure excellent visibility in all weather conditions, thanks to the brightness control sensor integrated to the device.

Cloud management MyInfoCity App

Full Color displays can be cloud managed via PC or mobile devices, thanks to the Aesys MyInfoCity web platform. This platform allows the owner of the display to extend the management to other users (e.g. Civil Protection), distribute the contents on the smartphone of citizens and integrate other devices in the same system (e.g. cameras, limited traffic zones displays, parking lots, multimedia totems).

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